Summer Essentials for Healthy Hair

by Alfreda19 October, 2019

Beauty Tips

There are tons of things that happen in our daily routine that prove to be devastating for our hair. Examples of which can be the sun, hot dry air, chlorine, and saltwater. We don’t intentionally do it but we end up torturing our hair in multiple ways throughout summer months. It’s no wonder we complain about split ends, oily scalps and dull and lifeless locks.

However, u can take some preventive measures and with the help of a few essentials. You have a good shot at keeping your hair healthy and throughout the summer season.

Say no to split ends

Summer seems like the most hassle-free time to grow your hair as you opt for messy buns, tied twisters, braid, whorl up-do or a sleek blow out. But it’s important to trim your hair, get rid of split ends to prevent further damage and before making it even worse.

Scorching sun and desert heat not only dries the atmosphere but also becomes lethal for the moisture of our own hair, the shaft of our own hair. As hair grows, it continues to split up the shaft, causing more damage and the inescapable need to lop off even more than you priory wanted. So head towards your favorite spas, parlors, and hairdressers and book yourself an appointment now and dust your ends.

Coconut oil the- best remedy

Like every other organ, every other body part of your body, hair is like any other part of your body as well. That needs care, protection, rejuvenation, and resuscitation from damaging UV rays. Also, it is a misconception that our hair will protect us from sun damage. To keep your hair shielded from getting burnt, dry and damaged taking coconut oil in your daily use will give remarkable nourishment to your hair from damage and dryness. Coconut oil doesn’t only give protection from damage along with it it has anti-oxidant properties keeping the harmful rays at bay. Moreover, it has natural SPF as well. You can froth the oil onto damp hair as a deep conditioner, repairing your hair and protecting your dome.

Daily wash not any more

Unless you are washing your hair with coconut oil, don’t wash it much otherwise. Doing shampoo on a daily basis would not provide any benefit to u rather it will wash the nutrients and the natural oil that your scalp has. So daily shampoo is never recommended especially if there is no proper oiling of coconut oil. Although seeming counter-intuitive frequent washing actually increases the oil production leading to an even greasier scalp and dry brittle hair. Which is surely not a good look at all

Instead of you can opt for a dry shampoo which helps to reduce scalp oil without drying out your luscious locks.  For those who are very concerned about their hair and keep on experimenting for more and, better results can try this DIY treatment to control oil secretion.

Mix 2-3 spoons of coconut water with the juice of a lemon. Apply it onto your scalp and massage as moving your fingers in a circular motion for 5 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. For best results make it a weekly habit.

Give life with water

Like every other living being, water is essential for survival. It cannot be overstated how assertive it is to drink an abundant amount of water, especially during triple-digit mercury readings. Water requirements of the body vary from person to person. But new research indicates that 8-ounce glasses a day are not enough for proper hydration.

For ease, a good rule of thumb is to drink enough water to produce nearly colorless urine. So drink as much as water as you can as it doesn’t have any harmful results rather it is really important for rejuvenation, skin improvement, extraordinary defense against lifeless locks. Lastly, it is important to keep the hair healthy in one way or the other.

Keeping hair beautiful, fresh looking and maintaining its shine is more important than anything else. Keeping it hydrated maintaining its good care in one way or the other is the ultimate goal. Taking care of its nourishment, setting good water tables especially after knowing how important it for its growth will become a priority for any of those who take their hair shine seriously an want to take good care f it. Regardless of how you time your mane the most important factor in achieving healthy summer