How to Manage & Control Your Anger | Overcome Temper Issues

by Jessica23 October, 2019

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Anger is a very sensitive issue; most people find it difficult about how to control it. There are very few who succeed but mostly produce devastating results. So many people attend sessions for it and so many manage lectures and therapies just to make sure that they understand how to stay calm in the worst possible state they can find themselves in.

How to Keep Your Temper in Check:

 Everyone gets mad and it is understandable as it’s an emotional state, but what’s important is to understand when it is out of control and causing damages instead of showing any affirmative results. it’s just a part of life that sometimes you are going to be angry, sometimes you are going to stay weak and sometimes you will feel like losing, but it’s very important to know whether what you are feeling and expressing is in control or causing you damages.

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Elena Moser (LCSW) a therapist in private practice and clinical director of the Women’s Therapy Center in El Cerrito Calif says that ‘the most important thing is to know yourself, and it works both ways if you get angry more often then you should think what has happened to you and what you can do to control it. if it’s making you depressed, damaging you, then you should focus more on minimizing its effects. On the contrary, if you don’t get angry at all then you should think about why you are hesitating and expressing your feelings and you should develop some anger in yourself’ Moser believe that expressing anger is necessary for your health and mental state as well but if you are finding it hard to control it and having it in limits then here are some tricks for you to manage your anger when it flares..

  • Think about your goal: Be particular about what you want, give your best in terms of achieving your goals and don’t let anger limit your flight.
  • Consider any power differences: You should know when and how much to express your anger. Anger towards your boss should be different as compared to the anger on your colleague, you want to tell your approach to the person you are talking to.
  • Strive for clear communication: Being loved doesn’t give you victory instead of being clear makes you go far and reach your point. Instead of blasting out, try to come up with highlights of your ideas to resolve a situation.
  • Practice: If you think you want to burst out and would not be able to handle your anger in front of somebody who has done something wrong to you. Try and manage to speak to a friend before you talk to that person is also one of the effective ways to maintain your calmness.

Health and Anger management:

People always take it in a negative way that anger only brings chaos, destruction, and catastrophe but in reality, it can have remarkable results as well. It’s not appreciated that women get confused about whether to throw plates at the wall or go for a glass of wine when they are angry but it’s appreciated for sure that if anger is learned in a beautiful way about its efficiency it can prove to be beneficial. The following are some good reasons why you should manage your temper.

  • Anger management could prevent injury: The data from 2517 people who were admitted to hospital in 2006 due to injury showed that one third felt irritable before the injury occurred one out of 5 people admitted felt angry or agitated. Men at a greater risk of injury while angry than women but either way one must need to be cautious besides the gender.
  • Anger management could help your heart: A recent study 62 people with implanted defibrillators demonstrated and revealed that recalling the anger moments orange trees in the temperate anyways could bring change in the heartbeat medically what’s called as arrhythmias in a condition known as arrhythmia. On the contrary other studies have revealed that having much temperature shows and highly agitated nature can increase the risk of heart diseases over a decade.
  • Anger avoidance: Those people who manage to swallow their anger and Express it later in some other situation recalling the past situation have shown how much signs of depression and grief in them, according to a study of 52 married couples in Washington State. This thing is more observed in women as compared to men, however.


The need for Anger Therapy?

Are you in need of anger therapy getting angry in a situation that is unpleasant or needs such a response is another thing but being angry just like that on things which can be sorted without anger is another thing. But how will you know when you need therapy for your grief and depression well here are some ways that might help you and make your work easier.

  1. You have had problems in-law because of your unpredictable nature
  2. Have faced the dilemma of broken relationships
  3. You might be having problems in the relationship now because of how you speak to people
  4. Even you can lose a job because of your poor communication skills.

‘If you face any problem and you can talk to anybody you feel comfortable with that can be your friend your parents or anybody who you feel is sincere to you.’ says Moser. ‘Therapy is a great way to come and express your personal feelings’ she said. Remember angle is important and healthy for you if you know when and how much to do it if you have a problem controlling yourself and temper. You should try going to anger therapies it will help you and controlling your anger and creating calmness within. If anger for you is a problem now a little anger Management therapy I can help you gain control over your emotions so you can react more appropriately as an anger-inducing situation arises.