10 ways to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

by Alfreda17 March, 2020

Health Cares

The social media and news channels today are repeatedly talking about a deadly virus named Coronavirus, but its scientific name is “COVID19.” The virus was originated from China in the last months of 2019, and gradually spreading all across the globe from person to person interactions. This virus-like other historical breakthroughs affecting global health and economy at large scale. China is the mainland from where the virus had originated thus the economy of China is under great threat. Researches in laboratories across the world are putting focus and energy to invent a vaccine to deal with Coronavirus, but still, there are no results from any country. Highly advanced technologies and Medicare philosophies failed to bring a solution for Coronavirus. But researches with their tireless efforts provide some protection measures for the world that could protect them. Researches have revealed that this virus is caused because of sneezing in front of each other, coughing, fewer, bodily contacts, surface in touch, cloths and most importantly it is an airborne virus that spread by air. Few protection measures stated by doctors, and specialists from across the world are as follows;

1.     Social Distancing

If you want to stay safe from this deadly virus, shorten your social gatherings, and keep distance while meetings. You should stop meeting with people for some time because this virus rapidly transforms from one patient to another. Stay distanced and avoid physical contact while meeting with strangers outside. Researches advised you to keep a distance of at least 2 meters while talking to someone, so droplets from their mouth do not touch your body.

2.     Wash your Hands

Researches on the virus revealed that the virus cannot stay in wet places, thus wash your hand every 30 minutes to keep your body wet and fresh. Take bath daily, and avoid contact with metal surfaces, because according to research Coronavirus spreads from hard surfaces very quickly. Whenever you come back home, wash your hands clearly whether you had contact with someone or not.

3.     Cover your body and mouth by using a mask

Other findings by researchers revealed that because of having much small size in micrometers the virus cannot pass through the fine net, thus the use of masks could prevent people from having it on their bodies. Cover your body with full clothes, because if someone is coughing or sneezing, droplets do not touch your body and keep you cleans and secure. It is crucial to cover your face with a mask because this airborne virus can go into the body while breathing.

4.     Disinfect and Clean

Make sure the surfaces that come in contact daily must be clean and washed. Because this little unable to see with physical eyes virus can be transferred to people through contact with certain things that were touched by the patient of coronavirus. These casual surfaces include door locks, door-bell, doors, car doors, light switches, toilets, keyboards, mobile phones, handles, etc. use detergents and cleaners to keep these places cleans and safe.

5.     Avoid Travelling and Crowd Places

You can see the headline on news channels who repeatedly said that most of the virus is spread from airports and stations. Infected people from other countries travel to another country and spread the virus among them. Avoid traveling because during travel numerous people touch different places and things like bus handles, plane seats, etc. and these things are transforming viruses from person to person. You should also avoid crowded places, like social clubs and gatherings during the outbreak of viruses to increase the possibilities that you are safe.

6.     Based on your situation plan ahead

If you are among those lucky people who are still safe from this deadly virus then you should isolate yourself from social contacts and gatherings. But if unfortunately, you notice symptoms of the disease in you, you should rely on medial suggestions and do what doctors suggest you do. Preparations should be in place to protect yourself. The virus shows its symptoms after seven days of infection, thus you should have a guide about what to do when you feel like you are in it.

7.     Test your Immune system for making sure that you are Safe

Along with the breakthrough of the virus, countries established different healthcare campuses at different places, and in some countries, the emergency helpline is issued, for those who are in doubt. They can call the team of specialists who will approach them in their homes, and check symptoms if match. This is because people are asked to stay in their homes and do not visit crowded places. Thus the team of health professionals will approach patients at home and examine if something happened.

8.     Stay up to date

Do not take it as a joke, the outbreak of viruses across the world shows its vulnerability and intensity to which it might affect people. Stay up to date about the world ratio of infected people and information about its breakthrough into your region. News channels and social media conveying news but sometimes their news or information is not as effective. Thus a trusted source of information is a must that keeps you update about every moment the world is suffering in.

9.     Beware of Public sharing items, like Pencil in the bank

While visiting such places outside, make sure you are not touching things that are in use by the major population. For example, the signature pen in the bank is common and every visitor uses it. This thick surface of the pen is also a major source of virus transformation. Thus, keep your personal pen or hand wash, or sanitizer while visiting outside instead of sharing with anyone else.

10. Avoid handshake, hugs or kisses

While meeting to people whether your loved ones, avoid having kisses and hugs and handshakes because these physical contacts affect are easy ways to transfer the virus from one body to the other. Because of invisibility we cannot feel the appearance of this virus thus we should avoid physical contacts.


  Above mentioned tips to avoid deadly virus COVID19 are 100% working across the globe. And these are proved ways to stay safe from the spread of the virus. This read carefully and make them your routine, because care is better than a cure