Best Home Remedies for Open Pores

by Alfreda23 October, 2019

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On this planet Earth, there are few people who are blessed with the best flawless skin whereas the rest are still struggling. It has been A Remarkable struggle to maintain beautiful skin in the past centuries and even now beauticians and experts try their best and work really hard to produce something which gives natural and alluring skin results.

Besides the entire struggle, some people still manage to have beautiful skin themselves naturally.  many of those blessed people have been interviewed and we got to know that they are not using any artificial products much but natural home remedies. The home remedies described below are not just any fictitious talks but actual results that have been stated by many and many are still trying and positive about it. Open pores have been a nightmare for many and give awful looking skin that lowers the personality.

Aren’t you tired of hiding your face with artificial filters and editing photographs to show beautiful flawless skin that you have and covering your face with makeup and wearing huge layers of foundation and concealer to show even tone and naturally flawless skin, but how much and how long will you do that. so without any harmful and artificial results, no makeup no extra filters on the photographs there are some home remedies described below that must be tried and should be tried by all those who worry about their skin and want to have good results.

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Causes of Open Pores:

Without wasting much time describing what open pores are, all those reading the article right now must be knowing about it already but by any chance who finds it difficult to understand what open pores are, the pictures shown below will definitely help them to comprehend it. Without any further delay let’s talk about why they are caused and what makes them happen

Sebaceous glands

Due to the imbalance in sebaceous glands, open pores become very visible. sebaceous glands are basically the glands which are responsible for producing oil production on the skin, they are basically the tiny oil-producing factories on our skin to give it moisturization but when they start to malfunction and produce more quantity of oil than needed they tend to make the pores more visible and cause the definition of open pores. Following are the reasons that describe why sebaceous gland star to malfunction and produce more oil than necessary on the skin


Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays and they become one of the reasons for more oil production from the glands

Age factor

Age is another factor that can add fuel to the fire. It’s a natural phenomenon that when there is an increase in age there is a decrease in collagen production and this reduction of collagen in the skin can lead to more open pores on the face


It can be one of the reasons but it is not a definite and proven result that a mother with open pores will give a daughter having open pores in genetics. It’s not really a genetic issue

Cosmetic products

It is very surprising but at the same time very disappointing thing to say that cosmetic products are used to hide the open pores and show an even tone but in many cases, it acts inversely and becomes the cause of open pores. In fact, cosmetic products are one of the big reasons for many individuals that lead to open pores.

Hormonal effects

It is an observed fact and many times stated that skin during the menstrual period tends to be more vulnerable and get more prone to acne and open pores. So hormonally this problem can be linked as well.

Certain other factors

There can be other problems too that can cause the issue of open pores other than the ones stated. they might be..

  1. Smoking
  2. Fried food
  3. More use of oily products on the skin
  4. Lack of hygiene


Home remedies for Open Pores:

To avoid the problem of open pores home remedies have always been worked. It is true that there are numerous products outside that claim to end the issue of open pores, but in real meaning, no remedy can substitute the results of home remedies. Here are described some of the home remedies that will surely give extraordinary results.

Ice cubes:

To begin with, it must be cleared that its not a permanent solution but a temporary one. Whenever leaving for an occasion or an event try this remedy by rubbing it for half an hour on the face focusing on the areas that are showing more pores. For some time these pores will be shrink and you can leave for the event with much better skin.

Clay mask:

It is also not a permanent solution but surely a promising one. Apply face mask for five minutes and then rinse it off before leaving for somewhere. It stops all the extra oils on the face and open pores. But it is important to know that this remedy is not for the people with dry skin. They can try the ice cube method if they are looking for it.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is one of the best home remedies especially for the people living in hot areas like African countries. No wonder sun in summers damages skin more than anything else.. Apple Cider Vinegar has healing properties against skin damages, it can be used in thick forms, however, distilled ACV is recommended for open pores

How to use it?

  1. Add Apple Cider Vinegar and water in a bowel in equal quantity
  2. After mixing well take a small cotton flock
  3. Dip the cotton flock into the bowel
  4. Massage your face with soaked cotton for 10 minutes
  5. After 10 minutes, rinse your face with Luke warm water.

This remedy helps to tighten the skin and shrinks the pores on cheeks and nose. Be consistent with this remedy until and unless you get your desired results. Avoid using soft cloth for cleansing face after the application of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Dehydration itself is enough to produce devastating results and spoil your skin. Fascinatingly cucumber is the best result to prevent dehydration. 97% proportion of cucumber is water, so add it to your daily diet plan for glowing skin. Moreover, cucumber can be used in multiple ways as a remedy for open pores like:

  1. Make a paste of cucumber and yogurt and massage your face with this paste. Additionally, this paste can be used as a face mask, after applying it on the face for 10 minutes rinse it with water.
  2. You can make a paste of cucumber and avocado with equal quantity with the addition of one egg in it. This paste will give remarkable results in a very short time.
  3. Cucumber can be used with an essential oil like rosemary.
  4. Lastly, a mixture of cucumber and one teaspoon of honey not only tighten your skin but also improves your skin glowing power

Egg white

Keeping in the notice of astringent characteristic of egg white.. it has also been used for open pores for centuries. As mentioned above it can be used with cucumber in the following way.

  1. Crush a cucumber in a juicer machine and add 2 egg whites than make a homogenous paste of it. Apply once in a day for 10 minutes. This is a magical remedy and will give instant fresh skin once you apply it.
  2. Besides cucumber and egg white mixture, lemon juice can also be used. Squeeze two lemons and mix 2 egg whites in it. Massage it onto your cheeks, nose, and forehead.
  3. After applying the paste, rinse your face with soaked cotton in lukewarm water.

Tip of the day:

Along with all these remarkable home remedies, there is another extraordinary home remedy and that is the use of honey and milk for open pores, it has a highly alluring effect. Keep in mind that not all remedies work on all skin types so choose your methods accordingly. If there is a medical aid needed do consult your doctor.