Yoga for Beginners | How to do Yoga

by Alfreda23 October, 2019

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These are some good exercises of Yoga, especially Yoga for the beginners. Read as well as Learn About Yoga Here as well as get more Health Articles.



This simple and easy pose derives its name from its benefits. ‘TADA’ translates to ‘Mountain’ which can be further described with one of the most important adjectives described to a mountain i.e. its strength-tall, unrelenting, undefeated and steady. Since, the pose can be used as a startup or warm-up to your regular yoga/exercise routine. This pose is excellent to give initial stretch to your entire body and enabling good blood circulation from your head to toe. This proves helps in gaining strength and helps in providing better balance to your body.

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One of the most common yoga poses is ‘VRIKSHASANA’. It translates to a tree as the shape acquired is much like a tree. Shift to this pose after ‘TADASANA’. For this pose, lift your left leg and place it on your right thigh. Try to balance your body in this position. Keep breathing as you lift both of your hands over your head to join them in a clap or upright ‘NAMASTE’ position. Keep your body without any movement much similar to a tree.


One of the most common yoga pose for beginners is a downward-facing dog referred to as ‘ADHO MUKHA SAVANSANA’. Shift to this position after the tree pose. Since it can be concluded from its name, this position doesn’t require the user to stand upright. An inverted-V position is formed. This is done by placing your hands and legs firmly on the ground. This position requires steadiness and helps in accomplishing strength and balance.


Commonly described as Warrior-1 position or classic warrior pose. This is great part of the routine of yoga for beginners. The shift from the previous yoga position to this position. This pose jams your mind with grace, strength as well as stability. This pose works on the betterment of spline, hips, and legs.


‘TRIKON’ refers to the triangle. ‘TRIKONSANA’ is the triangle pose. This pose is essential in developing concentration along with good stretches to muscles. It helps by providing the user deep mechanism for breathing with an instant surge of energy. A great way for beginners to feel comfortable and relaxed. To get in this position simply spread your legs in a V-position. Lean on one of your sides and place the hand which is on the leaned side and place it on your foot of the same side. Place your other hand vertically upward relative to your lower hand. Stay in this position for a few minutes. For example, if you are leaning on our left side, touch your left hand to your left foot with your right hand vertically upwards.


‘UTKATSANA’ refers to the chair pose. You might have seen a number of videos in which a person sits on a chair in its absence. ‘UTKATSANA’ is a much similar pose which requires you a position much like sitting on a chair in its absence. Though it is hard to balance your body in this position but it provides better strength to your core and legs.


The term ‘BHUJANGSANA’ translates to cobra pose. Cobra is a type of snake which is why this pose derives its name as this position is quite similar to a snake. The lower body is placed on the ground on your stomach. Whereas the upper body that is from your chest should rest as vertical as possible to feel the tension in your spine. A deep stretch in torso and legs is experienced during this pose. Although snakes are considered dangerous for mankind this pose is an important part of the routine in yoga for beginners.


‘BADHA KONASANA’ or cobbler position helps the user to stretch the areas of the body which are beyond the reach of someone. Place and align your feet with each other while sitting and then grab them with your hands. Follow this with flapping both of your legs with like a butterfly. This is a great exercise for the lower body as it builds tension in lower muscles. It is also beneficial in strengthening the spline of the user. This pose marks the final pose which builds stress in muscles during the routine of yoga for beginners.


‘BALASANA’ translates to a child’s pose. However, one of the things that can be described in a child is their ability to rest or sleep. After building enough tension in your muscles. It is important to relax. Relaxing in a yoga routine is as important as stretching. This pose allows the user to relax and comfort their body like a baby. Sit down on your knees and place your head on the ground and follow it by placing your hand in an upright position with your head on the ground.



‘SAVASANA’ or ‘corpse pose’ is a great way to wind up the yoga routine for beginners. Lie with your back horizontally placed on the ground. Comfort your body in this position for a few or several minutes. This position combined with ’BALASANA’ is a great way to relax your body after following a hectic yoga routine. Let your mind and body relax freely. This position will help in sinking the mind, soul, and body in perfect harmony.