Privacy Policy

Effective Date: October 20, 2019

It is a great pleasure for us at Noor clinics that you choose us as a solution for your personal problems. We at Noor Clinics are committed to protecting your information, whatever it is personal or academic. We know everyone owns the individual right to privacy, and we respect this right and aims to secure your visit as much as we can. We make sure that your visits to us encrypted with high technology protection and help you to stay with us for long. You can trust us with your personal information.

We at Noor clinics come up with authentic healthcare solutions for you and thousands of valuable and loyal visitors from across the globe. We want you to be our daily visitor, and for this, we take our and your privacy very seriously. Here we at Noor Clinics are presenting our privacy policy in straight and smooth words, and after reading this, if you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, you can ask at

Here in the privacy policy, we will explain what type of information we collect and where we use your information. Thus we need your three minutes to read this policy carefully to understand your rights and relation of these rights with us. While reading, if you found any policy or terms that hurt your privacy rights, you can leave our site instantly.

Below Stated Privacy Policy applies to everyone who uses our website for any reason :

1. What type of information should you disclose to us?

When you try to explicit content from our website, we often ask you to Sign Up with our website that would require your name, contact number, email, and address. You are free to choose yes or no. No one will force you to put your personal information if you do not want to. Type of personal information will depend on your activities with our fascinating website. If you are the one who is going to share your information with us, then don’t worry about anything, your privacy is our privacy, and we will protect it at any cost.

2. How do we use your information?

When you share your information with us to get Signed Up, we will use this information for legitimate and authentic business decisions and fulfillment of membership requirements. We have none personal gain from the collected information while we will use this information according to legal obligations we will use collected information for the following purposes;

  • i. We will use your email to send you informational and useful emails
  • ii. We will contact you to get your valuable feedback and to monitor your site activities
  • iii. We will use your given information for other business and legal purposes
3. Will we share your information with anyone else?

We are making it sure that we will not share your information with anyone except for business purposes, law obligations, and protection of your rights. We will share your information during the following situations;

i. With Vendors and Consultants

As you know, our website is providing healthcare facilities, and we have a team of healthcare professionals who is working behind and presenting you authentic healthcare solutions, thus in case you want to contact any of our vendors or healthcare professionals, then we will share your contact information with them.

ii. Business Transfers and Dealings
4. Do we use any tracking techniques?

No, we are not using any tracking policy on our website. Thus your visits to our website are not recorded or tracked by the cookies. We have other indirect software to track your visits, but there is not any embedded software on the site that could affect your privacy. Thus you are all safe when on our website.

5. How do we keep your information Safe?

We opt to advance technical security measures that help us to protect your information and keep it in safe hands. Our priority is to protect the privacy of our visitors, and we are meeting with our priorities. We are doing our best to protect your information while collecting, preserving, and transforming when needed on our risk. If you sometimes feel like you are not secure at our website, you can ask for your queries, and we will always be available for you.

6. Policy Updates

Another reason to collect your personal information is that the privacy policy of Noor clinics is not protected one time, but we often make changes according to law. Thus through your email, we will send you a notification about policy updates and request you to check if it suits your privacy rights. The updated version of the privacy policy would be attached to your email. Changes often made in policy are based on changing social and environmental situations, and the primary purpose of policy updates to save our visitors from any harm.

The review of the above stated privacy terms and let us know if you agree or disagree with these clear statements. Being honest, we are welcoming you to read carefully, and if you feel like you are not protected the way you want to do email us and discuss your concerns, we at Noor clinics will try our best to come up with a productive solution.